Next-generation sequencing for hematologic and oncologic conditions

Every person affected by cancer needs unique care and treatment. Designed using our extensive clinical experience and informed by the latest in cancer biomarker discovery and treatments, our suite of MayoComplete next-generation sequencing panels puts patients on the right path.


The testing you need - all in one place

Our robust suite of MayoComplete oncology and hematology testing uses next-generation sequencing to identify and evaluate the presence of mutations. Our testing approach includes:

  • Comprehensive panels with increased sensitivity and improved accuracy, designed to help you make informed decisions on your patients’ cancer care.
  • Complementary microarray, FISH, and IHC testing, enabling full-spectrum testing in one laboratory.

Personalized answers for patients

Ongoing, rapid advancements in cancer biomarker discovery and treatments, combined with the need for genetic testing to determine eligibility for certain therapies, require a dynamic testing approach that meets the needs of every patient. Each MayoComplete panel:

  • Provides diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic insights, including the latest targeted immunotherapies.
  • Is designed to ensure each patient receives the right test and personalized answers to guide their cancer journey.
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