Mayo Clinic Frontiers in Addiction Conference 2022

As part of an evidence-based addiction treatment program, comprehensive urine drug testing (UDT) can serve as a therapeutic tool in the assessment and management of patients across all phases of recovery from substance abuse disorders. Our unique approach to UDT is consistent with the American Society of Addiction Medicine’s national consensus statement recommending UDT to identify the presence of prescribed and approved medication taken as part of addiction recovery therapy, as well as illicit substances most commonly abused. Understanding which substances patients have ingested improves providers’ ability to determine the effectivity of the treatment plan and provide motivation or reinforcement for abstinence.

Learn from Paul Jannetto, Ph.D.

Laboratory Testing for Substance Use Disorders: Challenges and Case Studies

Friday, November 11, 8:45 a.m. – 9:15 a.m.

Virtual and in-person

Learning objectives

• Assess and treat addictive disorders with an emphasis on the newest information relevant to practicing addiction treatment professionals.

• Implications of co-morbid psychopathology on addiction recovery and new models of incorporation of psychologic and psychiatric interventions into primary and post-primary addiction treatment.

• Assessment techniques to novel psychosocial and pharmacologic treatment interventions.


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Controlled substance monitoring

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Targeted testing for opioid use

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