Actionable answers to guide diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment

An exhaustive test menu includes assays that aid in providing diagnostic and prognostic information and guide treatment choices across the full spectrum of malignancies. Developed and validated in collaboration with practicing oncologists and pathologists, each assay provides information to improve patient care, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. Because genetic testing is about more than mutation identification, we transform complex genetic results into actionable answers to optimize treatment outcomes. 

Featured testing available through Mayo Clinic Laboratories:

Featured testing available through American Hospital Dubai:

American Hospital Dubai testing is orderable as code ZW158, Miscellaneous American Hospital Dubai, in the testing catalog.

Alpha fetoprotein

Beta HCG Quantitative

CA 125 Cancer Antigen 125

CA 15-3 Cancer Antigen 15-3

CA 19-9 Cancer Antigen 19-9

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