Research Roundup

This week’s research roundup features: Understanding "Patient refuses" among 90+ year old patients with cancer or presumed cancer.

By Samantha Rossi • June 28, 2022

Featured Abstract: A dynamic 3-factor survival model for acute myeloid leukemia that accounts for response to induction chemotherapy.

By Meghann Southwick • June 21, 2022

Featured Abstract: Associations of amyloid and neurodegeneration plasma biomarkers with comorbidities.

By Meghann Southwick • June 14, 2022

Featured abstract: Nuclear GSK-3β and oncogenic KRas lead to the retention of pancreatic ductal progenitor cells phenotypically similar to those seen in IPMN.

By Meghann Southwick • June 7, 2022

Featured abstract: Substance use screening in transplant populations.

By Meghann Southwick • May 31, 2022

Top highlights include: Monoclonal and oligoclonal anti-Platelet Factor 4 antibodies mediate VITT.

By Meghann Southwick • May 24, 2022

Top highlights include: Rapid exclusion of acute myocardial injury and infarction with a high sensitivity cardiac troponin T in the emergency department.

By Meghann Southwick • May 17, 2022

Top highlights include: Genome-wide association study reveals novel genetic loci: a new polygenic risk score for mitral valve prolapse.

By Meghann Southwick • May 10, 2022

Featured abstract: An overview of the clinical presentation, pathology, and the current therapeutic approach of the main representative disorders in the spectrum of glomerulonephritis.

By Meghann Southwick • May 3, 2022

Top highlights include: Arrhythmia variant associations and reclassifications in the eMERGE-III sequencing study.

By Meghann Southwick • April 26, 2022

Top highlights include: Advances in neuroimaging for brain charts for the human lifespan.

By Samantha Rossi • April 19, 2022

This Feature Includes: Latent pulmonary vascular disease may alter the response to therapeutic atrial shunt device in heart failure.

By Chantell Canfield • April 12, 2022

This Feature Includes: Utility of Follow-up COVID-19 Antigen Tests After Acute SARS-CoV-2 Infection Among Healthcare Personnel.

By Chantell Canfield • April 5, 2022