2017 Healthcare Association of New York State Annual Membership Conference

We are excited to attend the 2017 Healthcare Association of New York State Annual Membership Conference.

The event will be held June 22–23, 2017,
at the Sagamore Resort in Bolton Landing.

Lowering Cost and Improving Care

Accelerated by the Affordable Care Act, health care reform is challenging health care providers in new and dramatic ways. To ensure our partner institutions are prepared to meet the evolving demands of payers and patients, we are championing the critical role of community-based laboratories in optimizing test utilization and reducing the total cost of care for health care organizations and their patients.

  • Reducing Costs through Algorithmic Laboratory Approaches: Developed collaboratively with Mayo Clinic physicians, our diagnostic algorithms can reduce unnecessary testing and accelerate the diagnostic process. These 80 algorithms recommend approaches for diagnoses of specific diseases and guide selection of the correct tests.
  • Keeping Partners Informed on Health Reform Topics: Health care is experiencing unprecedented change. Our education offerings and blog curate and analyze the latest developments into multiple offerings.
  • Laying the Foundation for Success in Value-Based Medicine: To ensure success in a value-based payment environment, we are actively working with our partners to launch and strengthen laboratory outreach programs, form laboratory networks, apply utilization management practices, and implement community-linking connectivity solutions.

About Us

Mayo Medical Laboratories is a global reference laboratory operating within Mayo Clinic's Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology. Mayo Medical Laboratories staff collaborates with clinicians to provide knowledge of, and access to, the latest testing and treatment guidance. We provide clinical laboratory testing to support health care systems, hospitals, specialty clinics, and other clinical laboratories all working toward expert, comprehensive care to everyone who needs healing.

Andy Tofilon

Andy Tofilon is a Marketing Segment Manager at Mayo Clinic Laboratories.