Thank you to all who visited us at our booth and entered for a chance to win a copy of Cardiac Biomarkers. Five winners were selected and contacted. Mayo Medical Laboratories offers an extensive menu of cardiology tests; please see below for additional resources:


Plasma Ceramides

A novel biomarker of unstable atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease

Ceramides are complex lipids that play a central role in cell membrane integrity, cellular stress response, inflammatory signaling, and apoptosis. Synthesis of ceramides from saturated fats and sphingosine occurs in all tissues. Ceramides accumulate in tissues not suited for lipid storage during conditions of metabolic dysfunction and dyslipidemia. Three specific ceramides have been identified as highly linked to cardiovascular disease: Cer(16:0), Cer(18:0), Cer(24:1).


Cardiology Testing at Mayo Clinic

Evidence-based testing approaches for correct diagnoses and treatment

Our unique combination of subspecialty laboratories and cardiology patient-care clinics has enabled the development of tests and testing approaches that have clinically proven outcomes and third-party validation showing reduced costs across an episode of care.

Other Cardiology Tests

Mayo Medical Laboratories also offers ST2 testing to improve prognostic discrimination among heart failure patients as well as Next-Generation sequencing (NGS) panels for several genetic conditions including cardiomyopathies, Noonan, Long QT, Brugada, and Marfan Syndromes as well as other related disorders.

How to Order

Many hospitals across the country have already established an account with Mayo Medical Laboratories. Please click on the links below to register for an account, sign-in, or request a MML representative contact you to discuss your current account status and ordering options.

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