Mayo Clinic Staff Members Participate at 2017 Association of Genetic Technologists Annual Meeting

Once again, the Cytogenetic, Molecular Genetic, and Biochemical Genetic communities participated in the Association of Genetic Technologists (AGT) Annual Meeting. This year, the Mayo Clinic Cytogenetics Laboratory was well-represented at the meeting. Mayo Clinic staff performed two workshops, two platform presentations, and one of Mayo’s lab directors was invited to present for the annual Gordon W. Dewald lecture series.

Below is a list of Mayo Clinic Cytogenetic staff members who contributed to the success of the meeting and the topics they discussed:

Rhett Ketterling, M.D., presented the Gordon W. Dewald Lecture Series.

Rhett Ketterling, M.D., presented, “FISH—The Land of Opportunity in the World of Make Believe.” Dr. Ketterling was invited to speak at AGT for the Gordon W. Dewald lecture series. His FISH discussions and materials were referenced throughout the day of his talk by many of his following speakers. Dr. Gordon W. Dewald is often known as the founder of the Mayo Clinic Cytogenetics Laboratory and as a champion for the field of cytogenetics and the staff members who perform aspects of clinical caseload, and education, every day. This is a rather distinguished award as it have only been given nine times and each time to presenters who represent Gordy’s ideals and passion for the field.

Amy Groszbach conducted two workshops at this year’s event.

Amy Groszbach and Loren Simpson presented, “PCR and Sequencing for the Cytogenetic Technologist.” Groszbach and Simpson presented a hands-on workshop for cytogenetic technologists to learn basic Molecular Genetic techniques and skills.

Chris Sattler presenting his platform presentation.

Chris Sattler, CG(ASCP), gave a platform presentation, “Dual-Color, Break-Apart FISH Assay for PRKACA Rearrangements in Fibrolamellar Carcinoma.” Sattler presented his content as one of only six invited abstracts for the cytogenetic platform presentation. He was selected as the 2017 AGT Best Platform Presentation for his content.

Loren Simpson assisted with two workshops as well.

Jason Yuhas, CG(ASCP); Amy Groszbach; Mark Junge, CG(ASCP); Dan Kuffel, CG(ASCP); Nicole Lockwood; Loren Simpson; Kristin Stenzel, CG(ASCP); Frank Suera, CG(ASCP); and Tammy Torgerson held a workshop entitled, “Proven Methods in Cytogenetic and Molecular Genetic Training and Education.” The entire Genomics Laboratory Education staff were involved in the creation of this workshop content, and all are included in the workshop authorship. Only a few were available to present in St. Louis but did so to cover the entire content for the workshop.

Ivy Luoma’s platform presentation was one of only six abstracts accepted.

Ivy Luoma, CG(ASCP), gave a platform presentation, “Validation of a 17 Probe Fluorescence In-Situ Hybridization (FISH) Panel for Detection of T-Lymphoblastic Leukemia/Lymphoma (T-ALL) Abnormalities on Paraffin-Embedded Specimens.” Luoma presented her content as one of only six invited abstracts for the cytogenetic platform presentation.

April Josselyn

April Josselyn is a Marketing Channel Manager at Mayo Clinic Laboratories. She has worked at Mayo Clinic since 2012. Outside of work, April enjoys the outdoors and being "hockey mom" for her two sports-crazed boys.