Cases with Dr. Keeney: Case #1

Ultimately, a pathologist has to commit to a diagnosis. Many trainees have difficulty committing to a diagnosis for fear of being wrong. Three years ago, Gary Keeney, M.D., Consultant in Division of Anatomic Pathology at Mayo Clinic, started sending trainees interesting cases seen in our practice. For those committing to a diagnosis, Dr. Keeney provided detailed feedback. At first, it was written but has since evolved to a voiced-over presentation detailing the ancillary studies and discussing the differential diagnosis of the cases. Dr. Keeney upped his teaching game to achieve a personal goal of 100% response rate from the trainees. While the trainee response rate has improved considerably, he has yet to reach his personal goal.

View the first case below and submit your diagnosis in the comments. Check back often for new cases.

Gary Keeney, M.D.

Gary Keeney, M.D., Consultant in the Division of Anatomic Pathology at Mayo Clinic, has worked at Mayo since 1989. Dr. Keeney was the Division Chair of Anatomic Pathology for 9 years and he participates in the general pathology practice (frozen section lab and cytology). Dr. Keeney's sub-specialty interests are GYN pathology, breast, and cytopathology.