MayoLINK Direct to Physician Updates

The Orders page now includes the following enhancements:

Scheduled Collection Date New field for the phlebotomist to enter the scheduled collection date. Payer Information New fields for the address and phone number of the third-party payer. If you manually enter the payer’s name, you will be prompted to enter the payer’s city, state, and phone number. New billing options:
    • The first option will send the order directly to the phlebotomist to schedule the draw.
    • The second option will send the order to the Mayo Medical Laboratories billing department, so they can reach out to discuss financial obligations prior to the draw request. This option changes the order status to Pending Insurance. After billing issues have been resolved, the status returns to Pending Collection.
    Patient Collection Form The Patient Collection Form now contains the following information:
        • Provider information
        • ICD-10 diagnosis codes
        • CPT codes
    Cancellations Cancelled tests are now displayed with a line through them: When an order is fully cancelled, a report is posted in the Status column. This new report provides details about the cancellation: Status History You can now click Status History on an order to access a new Status History page. The Status History page includes a log of activities related to the order, including cancellation information:
     If you have questions, contact Customer Services at 800-533-1710.

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