September 2018 — Neuropathology

A 45-year-old woman presented with some unexplained discomfort in the lumbosacral spine for approximately five months, which was initially across the back and then spread toward her upper left leg. She experienced some tingling sensation in the right thigh, which then spread to both thighs and down to the feet. In the last month, there had been a sense of urinary retention. A subsequent MRI showed a 1.4 cm intrathecal enhancing mass at T11 level. She also has a recent history of left breast high-grade ductal carcinoma in situ.

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Hong Fang, M.B.
Resident, Anatomic and Clinical Pathology
Mayo Clinic
Aditya Raghunathan, M.D.
Consultant, Anatomic Pathology
Mayo Clinic
Assistant Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine

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