Updates to Mayo Clinic Laboratories Website

On Wednesday, January 29, the mayocliniclabs.com website will be updated to provide a more streamlined and unified experience for our users. Changes will include:

  • New locations for main categories and specialty test catalogs
  • Quick and easy access to frequently used content
  • A site map located in the footer
  • An updated sign-in page

See below for highlights from the new structure. If you have questions or would like more information, contact Customer Service.

Updated Navigation

The specialty test catalogs are moving to the left side of the home page, and the main categories are moving to the top of the page.

Menus under each of the main categories provide quick and easy access to frequently used content.

A site map at the footer of every page provides links to all the content that was formerly available on the left side of the page.

Updated Sign-In

The sign-in page is being updated to unify the user experience across Mayo Clinic Laboratories applications.

Hannah Crawford

Hannah Crawford