March 2020 — Bone and Soft Tissue & Surgical

A 17 year-old male with history of DICER1 syndrome and prior resection of a benign multicystic kidney at age 2 presents with ultrasound finding of a 5.7cm echogenic mass of the left kidney. He undergoes surgical resection of the mass, which is received as three fragments of cystic, gelatinous tissue. A representative microscopic image is shown below. Immunohistochemical stains show positivity for desmin, myogenin, and Myo-D1 and negativity for cytokeratin OSCAR.

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Photo of Ryan W. Kendziora, M.D. Ryan Kendziora, M.D.
Resident, Anatomic and Clinical Pathology
Mayo Clinic
Photo of Jorge Torres-Mora, M.D. Jorge Torres-Mora, M.D.
Consultant, Anatomic Pathology
Mayo Clinic
Assistant Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science

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