COVID-19 Laboratory Update: March 19 | PCR Testing

Mayo Clinic realizes and shares the ongoing challenges in responding to the need for increased access to COVID-19 testing. We have been communicating frequently with state and federal officials as well as our Minnesota peers to understand their needs. Additionally, our teams have been working diligently to obtain the equipment and supplies required to increase the number of tests that can be processed in our laboratories. 

Starting today, we will be able to process significantly more tests and have offered to perform COVID-19 testing for our existing Mayo Clinic Laboratories clients across Minnesota, including eight major health systems. We are committed to proactively communicating to our clients outside of Minnesota as our response evolves.

Recognizing that Mayo Clinic’s COVID-19 testing capacity is limited and subject to the availability of supplies, our laboratories will process as many COVID-19 tests as possible in the days and weeks ahead. We are working closely with health systems to ensure testing follows strict criteria (including CDC guidelines or some more stringent criteria) so that needs are prioritized to protect critical access across our communities. As we have additional capacity, we will continue coordinating closely with state and federal officials to offer testing in the areas with the greatest need.  

Mayo Clinic remains committed to working together with our communities as we all face unprecedented challenges, and we are confident that we will unite to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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This post was authored by the Marketing Team at Mayo Clinic Laboratories.