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Register today for the 2024 Parasitology Workshop

Discover the latest advancements in parasitology at the 2024 Parasitology Workshop presented by Mayo Clinic Laboratories. This two-day interactive workshop held Aug. 16–17 will provide hands-on laboratory experience, presentations by subject matter experts, a review of laboratory identification methods, and an algorithmic approach to parasite identification, including conventional and molecular techniques.

This program is designed for the following audiences:

  • Clinical microbiology fellows and pathology residents seeking additional hands-on laboratory experience in identifying important human parasites.
  • Clinicians interested in global health.
  • Physicians preparing to take the CTropMed or DTM&H examinations.
  • Infectious diseases (ID) fellows and practicing ID physicians interested in the laboratory identification of parasites.
  • Laboratorians, including medical laboratory scientists and laboratory directors, who want to gain general hands-on laboratory experience in parasite identification.

Check out our 2024 Parasitology Workshop to learn more and register today.

Carly Mouzes

Carly Mouzes is a Social Media Campaign Copywriter for Mayo Clinic Laboratories.