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Leveraging the Laboratory: The Outreach Conference You Can’t Miss!

Presented by Mayo Clinic Laboratories, "Leveraging the Laboratory: Seize Tomorrow" is an essential conference for health system executives, industry experts, and hands-on managers looking to advance their laboratory outreach programs.

Attendees will learn from inspiring outreach client case studies that took timely action against strong competitors and prevailed, in addition to future industry trends and innovative health system opportunities.

“We realize that the laboratory outreach program is a primary contributor of profitable revenue to a hospital or health system’s bottom line and is more relevant than ever before to delivering local testing to support patients in the community,” says Jane Hermansen, outreach manager at Mayo Clinic Laboratories.

The conference will also provide attendees the opportunity to dive deeply into numerous outreach topics, including sales, outreach operations, billing, creating healthy employee and customer relationships, and our ever-popular outreach best practices session.

“Medical laboratories can add value to their organizations right now,” adds Hermansen. “By seizing tomorrow, today’s laboratory outreach program is driving through those headwinds, as a prevailing force to sustain through healthcare’s challenges.”

Learn more about the conference by watching the video below:

For more information and to register, visit our website.

Carly Mouzes

Carly Mouzes is a Social Media Campaign Copywriter for Mayo Clinic Laboratories.