Custom gene ordering

Expand the scope of testing to gain precision answers

In certain instances, tailored genetic testing can be useful to provide insights to guide a patient’s healthcare journey. Our Custom Gene Ordering Tool enables the creation of specific gene panels to meet each patient’s exact needs. After selecting a disease state and customizing a gene panel, a Gene List ID, which is a specific code that directs the laboratory on which genes are to be interrogated, will be generated. Our tool provides instructions, Gene List ID, and CPT codes via email to facilitate test ordering.

Custom gene ordering Test menu

Custom gene ordering

Key testing


  • Ability to add specific genes to or remove them from existing panels.
  • Can be used to analyze single genes for which no standalone assays are available.
  • Can be used to combine whole panels within a disease state.
  • Gene List IDs are not patient-specific and can be reused for multiple patients.
  • Note: Gene panel modification can only occur within the same disease state as the master panel (e.g., you cannot add a gene or whole panel from oncology to a neurology panel). Ordering genes from multiple disease states requires building two separate Gene List IDs and two CGPH orders. 

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