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Neurology Education

Resources for residents, fellows, and attending physicians

Mayo Clinic Laboratories is a global reference lab serving hospitals around the world, including Mayo Clinic. Our neurology test menu was built by neurologists to serve neurologists and their patients, enabling access to the most innovative, clinically validated testing.

To support this test menu, Mayo Clinic clinical neurologists and laboratorians have developed an extensive library of educational resources to guide residents, fellows, and anyone treating neurological disorders on disease states and appropriate test ordering. These experts are leaders in developing new testing approaches and implementing them in clinical practice, and they are committed to making their knowledge widely available to practicing clinicians and laboratorians around the world.

Neurology Test menu


Autoimmune neurology

Chromosomal microarray


Demyelinating disease

Hereditary hearing loss

Mitochondrial testing


Neuromuscular disorders

Movement disorders

Peripheral neuropathy

Sleep disorders

Whole genome and whole exome sequencing

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