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Mark your calendar for Friday, April 12, and join Mayo Clinic Laboratories and Mayo Clinic's Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology for their 9th Annual Forensic Science Symposium in Rochester, Minnesota. This symposium will cover a wide range of topics, including water-related search and rescue, water-related deaths, firearms examination, deaths related to alcohol consumption, electrocution, huffing, and others.

By Carly Mouzes • February 12, 2024

Reserve your spot for the 24th International Surgical Pathology Symposium, which will take place May 7–10, 2024, at the Intercontinental in Dublin, Ireland. This conference will address common and uncommon diagnostic dilemmas encountered within surgical pathology practice.

By Carly Mouzes • February 6, 2024

Mayo Clinic Laboratories now offers the first preeclampsia-specific test (Mayo ID: PERA) that can be used to stratify patients into low or high-risk categories, indicating whether a patient is at risk for developing preeclampsia with severe features. With this information, clinicians can make more informed decisions about hospitalization, monitoring, more frequent checkups, and even early delivery.

By Cory Pedersen • January 30, 2024

Registration is now open for Phlebotomy 2024: Pathways to Excellence, a virtual conference by Mayo Clinic Laboratories. This three-day event offers insights and techniques for managing burnout and ways to create a positive patient experience.

By Carly Mouzes • January 24, 2024

Globally, five million deaths are associated with bacterial antimicrobial resistance each year, but the complexity of the issue is there is no single solution because we need to use antibiotics. It’s about finding a different way to live with it.

By Elizabeth Harty • January 11, 2024

Discover the latest advancements in parasitology at the 2024 Parasitology Workshop presented by Mayo Clinic Laboratories. This two-day interactive workshop held Aug. 16–17 will provide hands-on laboratory experience, presentations by subject matter experts, a review of laboratory identification methods, and an algorithmic approach to parasite identification, including conventional and molecular techniques.

By Carly Mouzes • January 10, 2024

Mayo Clinic Laboratories is excited to announce our participation in Medlab Middle East 2024, a medical conference and exhibition taking place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Feb. 5–8, 2024.

By Carly Mouzes • January 9, 2024

Explore a diverse range of topics, from water-related search and rescue to firearms examination, at this exclusive symposium. Dive deep into real-world case studies covering deaths related to alcohol consumption, electrocution, huffing, and more. Participants will also have the opportunity to attend breakout sessions on search and rescue, firearms, and K9 units for hands-on learning.

By Carly Mouzes • January 3, 2024

Mayo Clinic Laboratories is grateful for the opportunity to serve you and other healthcare professionals around the globe in providing critical answers and actionable insights.

By Mayo Clinic Laboratories • December 22, 2023

The 24th International Surgical Pathology Symposium is an exciting opportunity for practicing surgical pathologists to expand their knowledge and skills. Presented by Mayo Clinic Laboratories, this four-day conference will address common and uncommon diagnostic dilemmas encountered within surgical pathology practice.

By Carly Mouzes • December 12, 2023

Mayo Clinic Laboratories is excited to participate in the 65th ASH Annual Meeting & Exposition, which will take place in San Diego on Dec. 9–12, 2023.

By Carly Mouzes • November 7, 2023

Mayo Clinic Laboratories, a leading global reference laboratory, and Progentec Diagnostics, a digital health and biomarker technology-based company focused on autoimmune conditions, today announced a strategic collaboration to bring Progentec’s suite of proprietary biomarker blood tests for the proactive management of autoimmune diseases to market. The collaboration aims to increase accessibility for providers and patients across the U.S. and select global markets.

By Mayo Clinic Laboratories • November 7, 2023

Join Mayo Clinic Laboratories at the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) Annual Conference. Our interactive booth will be staffed by genetic counselors who can discuss and answer questions about our genetic testing options.

By Carly Mouzes • October 6, 2023